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Tours in London, tourism in London, the fog city and the capital of Britain
Al Hilal Office for Tourism Services in Britain
Sightseeing tours in London, one of the largest cities in the world, with a population of approximately 8 million.

Tourism in Britain

Brief information about London

We offer in London, which is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in England globally, with trips serving Arab travelers to London.
Tours in London with Al Hilal office with high preparations to serve tourism in Britain

About British tourism

London Tours Visit the most beautiful places like Oxford Street and Hyde Park. And the Times River trip, the Zoo trip, a safari park and many tourist attractions for travelers

The cost of tourism in Britain

Hotels in London are very popular, it is true that London is compared to many places in the world It is very expensive in terms of hotel and overnight However, the diversity and abundance of hotel possibilities offer tourists, on a budget, the ability to stay in a cheap hotel.

London hotels

Luxury hotels in London

Tours in London are crowded with streets surrounding Kings Cross Station, and crowded with a series of bed and breakfast hotels and restaurants, as well as in the area between Bayswater and Paddington.

Historical hotels in London

The most important London hotels are its historical 5-star luxury hotels, among which the recently restored Savoy Hotel, the Dorchester Hotel and the Ritz Hotel are undoubtedly the leading hotels in London.

Britain Tourist Map

Big Ben clock

 Big Ben clock
Considered the most prominent tourist attraction in London, the construction date of this famous watch
For more than 150 years, tourists have visited it to take the most beautiful pictures with that accurate hour.

London Eye

 London Eye
The London Eye or the London Wheel is considered one of the most famous landmarks of London, and why not, it is the highest wheel in the world, through which you will be able, within half an hour, to see all the beautiful landmarks of the city. London tours with chauffeur drive in London

London Tower

London Tower
Also called the London Castle, it is the best witness to the ancient history of the fog capital
Where it was used in the past to store weapons and money.
London Tours

London Tourism

The best tourist places in London

Tourism in London If you intend to travel there tours in London
To spend quality time with your family, explore the most beautiful and prominent places in London
You can visit it during your vacation. London is the capital of Britain and is considered one of the most important European tourist destinations.

The best places in London 2020 Tourist places in London for children London Hotels rank: Luxury (more than £ 300) Moderate (£ 100 to £ 300) Cheap (up to £ 100) A matrimonial room, including taxes and breakfast, unless otherwise indicated. Sightseeing tours in London
Tourist program in London
for a week

Roman baths in England, Britain

The Roman Baths Complex is a site of historical interest in the English city of Bath
It is a Romanian site dedicated to public showers while well preserved London tours.

London Tours


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