London country trip

A very special trip for lovers of green, water and nature

London countryside trip

The English country trip is a very special trip for lovers of green, water and charming nature
It is the beautiful Hanley on Times area located on the River Thames, which is only an hour from the center of London

The English countryside is a journey of green and charming nature in the countryside, and begins at ten in the morning

Where we go to the Hanley on Times area and away from Central London about an hour and how long we spend there

From one to two hours, then we head to the Winters Castle, which is about 35 minutes away from Hanley

Then, you will enjoy the breathtaking views and nature of Virginia Water, which is 15-20 minutes from Warner Castle

A trip to three regions in the English countryside

The beautiful Hanley-on-Thames area is located on the Thames
Which is just an hour away from the center of London.

Usually, the rural trip will be to the first three places
Hanley-on-Thames, Winther Castle, and Virginia Water Falls.

Visit Hanley-on-Times

English countryside trip Part 1

Henley-on-Thames village, West London, with Al Hilal Office for Tourism in London

Is a beautiful quiet village less than an hour from the center of London, you will enjoy scenic views and nature along the Thames River

Visit Winther Castle

English countryside trip 2

Windsor Palace in west London, is the primary center of Queen Elizabeth in the wake of Buckingham Palace

The oldest inhabited palace in Europe is counted for about a thousand years and contains a large number of ancient treasures

Visit Virginia Water

English countryside trip 3

The most beautiful stop for a trip to go to see the park where the waterfall is located, which is a wonderful sight for the family. A very beautiful park for a walk with the family

The choice between Virginia Water and afternoon tea is up to the customer.
Then we head to the hotel within an hour.
This trip has three stages, starting from ten in the morning and ending at almost six in the evening

Hanley on Thames ♥ Windsor castle ♥ Virginia water

We spend one to two hours there, and then head to the Virginia Falls

Water, which is 15 minutes away from foreshadow, we spend approximately an hour there

Alternatively, we go to the Afternoon Tea area

Which is 15 minutes away from foreshadowing as well, and we spend about an hour to an hour and a half.

Some great souvenir pictures can be taken while enjoying the place and wandering on the banks of the Thames.